It’s all about the culture. Using only thoughtful, organic, and high-quality ingredients, we craft fermented foods that are truly healthy for you, your gut, and the environment.

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Good For You and Your Gut

Lacto-fermentation is a salt-brine-based form of food preservation that dates back thousands of years. The ancient process creates probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, and organic acids that can positively affect your health and gut microbiome. Our vegetables are always organic, loaded with nutrients, and high in fiber. We use a variety of high-quality salts that contain several essential minerals.

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We only use the cleanest and freshest produce we can find. It's important to us that we use only use not only organic vegetables, but one's from farms in our community.


Studies have shown that microgreens have exponentially higher amounts of vital micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals than in their full-grown counterparts.


The most important ingredient in our process. We use unrefined sea salt from an ancient ocean that has been untouched by modern pollution and contains dozens of trace minerals.


It all starts with high-quality H20. We use a four-stage filtration system to ensure the water we use is free from any impurities or residual compounds.


At Ferment Culture, we utilize sustainable practices such as composting. Our packaging and labels are 100% home or commercially compostable, which helps keep trash out of our landfills. It's important to us to participate in promoting a healthier environment for future generations.